Window Cleaning Cincinnati 

Whether it's a multi-storey apartment block, or single storey residence CCC has your window cleaning needs covered. Our team of professional window cleaners are highly experienced and know how to handle every type of building and every type of glass. Window cleaning is an important aspect of building maintenance. Over time dirt and grime that builds up can permanently stain your glass, so regular cleans are the best way to stay on top of it. Water from household faucets and hosepipes is commonly applied to windows and this ultimately is bad for the glass. The minerals in the water is what to leads to the fogginess and discolouration of glass over time which becomes increasing hard to remove the longer it is left. That is why for external windows and for windows that are otherwise inaccessible the Cincinnati window cleaning team use a pure water system so that you never have to look through misty windows again. 

Residential Window Cleaning

Who wants to spend a whole day cleaning windows on the weekend when you could be relaxing reading the paper and having cup of coffee. To clean your windows properly takes time, and if its not done properly then it's almost not worth doing. Take the hassle of having your home window cleaned and get the CCC team to come over and have it done in a few hours. Our professionals are efficient and meticulous and will get your windows cleaner than you've ever dreamt about. 

When you have a big house that is two or three levels high, you don't want to be up and down a ladder. Did you know that 38% of household accidents which result in a trip to the E.R. are ladder related. Don't take the risk. Our professional window cleaners are ladder trained and certified, for us working at heights is second nature. 

CCC window offers some of the most competitive rates in town. But not only that, for the service you're getting the cost is more than worth. Why would you hire a private window cleaning service and without knowing anything about them. We are a reputable company, fully insured and every member of staff is background checked has a clean record. Steve only hires the best, most dedicated window cleaners. Some private solo windows may be cheaper, but can you be sure they'll be doing the job to a satisfactory level. And who knows what they'll be doing in your house when you're not looking, property theft, underwear sniffing, damage to the home due to carelessness. These are situations people have found themselves in when they have hired dubious window cleaning services in Cincinnati. 

Our residential window cleaning service includes as standard:

  • cleaning of exterior and interior glass 
  •  shutter cleaning
  • removal of security screening (if possible)
  • cleaning of sills and window tracks
  • cleaning of showers, mirrors and interior glass doors

Don't take the risk of hiring people unfit to clean your glass, get the professionals, contact the CCC Team today and arrange a free estimate for your home. It comes with the Steve-O customer satisfaction guarantee.

                                      Commercial Window Cleaning

You got a shopfront with dirty windows? Well sorry my friend but you are losing business. In a study by the University of Maine, it was reported that between 14-21% of shoppers with the original intent to go into a store changed their mind when they saw the condition of the storefront. The common opinion this particular minded group is something akin to "dirty store, dirty owner". Don't let this kind of thing happen to you and your business. Hire the window cleaning experts from Cincinnati Cleaning. The team can meet all your window cleaning needs and spare you the stress of trying to stay on top of the condition of your windows. 

Steve-O and the team will work around you and your business, you let us know what are the best times that convenient for you and your customers and we'll make it happen. If you've got objects blocking your windows on the inside don't worry, our team at CCC are trained in handling such situations. The CCC window cleaning team can push, lift and shift any furniture that isn't bolted down so your windows can get the full clean that they need. Got a business not on street level? Don't worry, we've got you covered there to. Our extendable pure water-fed pole system can reach up to six storeys high, meaning otherwise inaccessible windows for cleaning are easily handed by Steve-O and the boys.

Any Cincinnati business is concerned one way or another with their overheads. With CCC window cleaning you don't have to be. We offer extremely affordable pricing and the service we provide goes above and beyond your expectations. And in some ways you can't afford not have your windows cleaned, who wants to enter a shop with dirty windows? A lot of Cincinnatians don't that's for sure. Call the Cincinnati team today and arrange a free pricing estimate for your business