Cincinnati Home Cleaning Service

Cincinnati Cleaning Company has recently branched out in private home cleaning services. CCC founder Steve-O has been in many other people homes in life, many of which were in varying states of filth and general uncleanliness. So he thought to himself, why don't i clean these people's homes for them. With the other cleaning services already covered by CCC domestic cleaning was an obvious fit and so far has proven to be another smart business move by Steve-O, as well as a welcome addition for his customers. 

Dirty house and no time to clean? CCC has got you covered

Is your home a mess? Got a busy schedule? Well you're not alone, many Cincinnati working professionals who are so overworked that they barely have time to spend with friends and family don't have adequate time to spend on housework. Imagine going to work in the morning and coming home to a house where the dishes have been done, your bed is made, and there's no skidmarks in the toilet. Because when you sign up for CCC home cleaning that's a reality you can live. 

The team at CCC are profession and reliable. Every member of staff is background checked and vetted by Steve-O personally. People like to feel assured that the people cleaning their home are able to be trusted whilst they are not home. And that's one of the major benefits of hiring the CCC team and if there any complaints about any given member of staff then you have the right to contact Steve-O directly and vocalise your issue and problem and another member of the team can easily be assigned to you. 

Pricing is dependent on home size and number of services you require. The services that the CCC home cleaning team can provide but not limited to are:

  • Laundry/ironing
  • Vacuum/mopping
  • Cleaning of bathroom & kitchen
  • Bed-making

If there are items or any other service you would like to add then just contact the CCC team today and we can arrange a custom level service specific for your home.