The Best Pool Cleaning in Cincinnati

For those lucky enough to have a pool in Cincinnati you probably don't have time for the upkeep of it. All the skimming, pump flushing, checking of pH levels, takes all the fun out of something designed let you live like a millionaire. That's why it pays to have a pool cleaning profession like Steve-O or a member of his CCC team. Steve-O has gained extensive knowledge of pools and water, he spent much of his childhood either splashing around in his family pool and had a passion for chemistry in high school which led to a deep understanding of optimal pH for pools. It's this kind of enthusiasm that has spread to the rest of the CCC team and makes Steve-O's pool boys the pools boys you want.

Best Pool Boys in Ohio State

Steve-O only employs the best for Cincinnati Cleaning, and his pool boys are no different. Every pool boy Steve-O hires has to meet his high standards, and it's nice philosophy that CCC is built on. Whether your pool is suffering from constant assault of foliage debris or unseasonable neglect we know how to handle a problem pool. Bringing a pool back to life after winter can be an arduous task. It can demand constant, frequent application of chemicals to revitalise your dreary looking pool and there's hardly ever a quick fix. The pool boys from CCC can take your pool from green to sheen in no time at all. 

A pool is supposed to be a luxury. You don't buy a yacht so you can spend time cleaning and maintaining it rather than sunbathing on the deck. Some applies to a pool. Don't spend your summer skimming leaves or nursing chemical burns from chlorine spills. Our team will handle all maintenance of your pool which can include:

  • Skimming
  • Pump servicing 
  • Water testing and treatment 
  • Water level maintenance 
  • Temperature check

All Pool Boys have their working-with-pool-chemicals certification, so why would you risk handling those dangerous chemicals yourself. Pool cleaning is also physically exhausting. CCC Pool Boys are fitness tested and are in exceptional physical condition. Contact us today and see what our Pool Boys can do for you.