The Finest Cleaning Company in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Cleaning Company (CCC) have been creating a cleaning whirlwind since 2011. With 8 Years of experience keeping both homes and customers happy why would you choose anyone else. CCC is owned and operated by Steve-O, a friendly, hardworking chap with a can do attitude.

People in Cincinnati have been complain that they're not getting the degree of service they expect from their cleaning services. And that's where CCC has set itself apart. Steve-O has built his company on the same morals and values that built this beautiful United States of America. Every employee is given the same rights as the next, black, brown, white or yellow. And Steve-O at CCC understands what his customers have come to expect from their paid home services. That's why he considers no job too small and every customer as important as the next.

CCC and B1 Windows offer a range of services to its customers and Steve-O employees a range of employed trained to specialise in each of their chosen career path. The range of services can be seen listed below. Check out each corresponding page for additional information on each service.




Dirty home and no time to clean? CCC has got you covered. We offer a full range of services to cover all your cleaning needs from vacuuming to scrubbing toilets. We work around you and your schedule, and if you'd rather have us there whilst you're at work during the day then that option is available to you. Our team is professional and discrete so contact us today and stop stressing over those dirty dishes. 

CCC are your local window cleaning experts. We provide window cleaning services to both homeowners and commercial property owners. Not everyone is able to clean their own windows, particularly those with multistory buildings. CCC has the expertise and equipment to make any style of building a breeze to clean. Contact CCC today and find out more about pricing for your particular building. 

Who wants to spend their weekend in the summer cleaning their pool when they could be enjoying it. Live a movie star lounging by your pool in the sun whilst one of CCC professional pool cleaners handles all your pool's maintenance needs. Check out the pool cleaning page to find a little more about Steve-O pool boys.

Gutter ain't the most glamorous job but it's one that's gotta be done. Not everyone is comfortable getting on top of their roof or balancing on a ladder. For those who have care for their own personal safety they hire the team from CCC. Our gutter cleaners can get your gutters clean in no time at all and have flowing freely come winter so you don't have to worry about those blocked down-pipes.