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Welcome to HDI Home & Commercial Solutions

We Clean, Seal and Wax Commercial Floors, Steam or Dry Clean Carpets and specialize in Hallway & Common Area Cleaning for Apartment Complexes and Rental Propert Turn-Overs. However we offer a host of other services to suit your needs.

Create clean conditions

Create clean conditions in your home or business with cleaning services from HDI. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio and service the surronding ares. HDI is an established commercial cleaning and residential carpet cleaning company providing second to none residential carpet and commercial cleaning services at affordable rates.

With our many years of combined experience and excellent customer service, we can resolve any issue immediately, provide efficient communication, and monitor our cleaning crew members at all times for your convenience.

Cleaning Services

Need cleaning the way you want it-and when you want it? Now you can have everything you want from 1-7 day/week service. Our cleaning services provide a level of excellence that does not diminish over time.

 A Cincinnati Cleaning Company with Service!

 At HDI Home & Commercial Services, we Pride ourselves on being dependable and finishing the job to perfection. HDI Home & Commercial Solutions has been known for our "Going The Extra Mile" attitude & creating exceptional value for our customers. Combined with our reasonable, discounted, below market value rates, HDI Home & Commercial Solutions goes above and beyond to gaurantee customer satisfaction. However, make no mistake, being inexpensive is not the same as being "Cheap." We Strive to be the best of the best in the cleaning industry. Since our founding in 2010, HDI Home Has Grown by 500%! (This means that every year, consistently, HDI's sales have doubled!) You don't get results like that by accident. Our customer is king, and we take special care to make sure you are happy with our services. For example: We include a FREE, never ending detail rotation of common areas that includes: Free Carpet Cleaning!! Just take a look at our finished floor care service: every corner is as clean as the middle of the room! We do not "Cut Corners" or take short cuts. We do it right, everytime; Guaranteed!

 We have a Valued Customer List (sign up for free below...) that we offer our best pricing, coupons and exclusive discounts to. By joining this group of valued customers, you can cut your cleaning expeses by as much as half! We don't stop there... HDI also accepts all valid competitor coupons with No Hidden Charges, ensuring you get the most value for your dollar! HDI Home's residential and commercial carpet cleaning offers the best value per dollar with our 4 step professional carpet cleaning servicing the Cincinnati area. Satisfaction is guaranteed with all of our work! To schedule your professional free estimate for carpet cleaning, floor care, hallway & common area clean, rental turn over or property preservation services call: (513) 221-9609.

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Lee S

"Really great people, and did fantastic work at a great price. Given that we are an Urgent Care Facility that is open late 7 days a week, finding someone to refinish our floors at night was a challenge. HDI took care of everything. Thank you again."   

Lee Searcy
Director of Operations
Bluegrass Urgent Care"


Tara G.


"This team is extremely professional, personable and thorough. We could not be more pleased. I trusted them immediately (they dress in company attire, and have a company car), and they did a walk-through of our house prior to an estimate. The price was very competitive and we truly got what we paid for; I would recommend to anyone."     



















During your first meeting with HDI, we will work with you to develop your customized cleaning specifications. We will take whatever time is needed to help you determine the priority levels of service to be performed, so that you only pay for what is important to you.

When You Hire HDI

Once you have made your selection to hire HDI, the next step is to perform an operational walk through. Here you will meet once again with your service representative plus the head of the cleaning crew to review exactly what you want accomplished. During this meeting a thorough walk through of your facility is conducted with questions asked and detailed notes recorded.

As service begins, the trained, bonded and insured cleaning crew has a copy of your customized cleaning specifications and the operational walk through notes to ensure all areas are cleaned to your expectations.

During our time cleaning, if at any time you feel we have missed something, please contact our office and your request will be addressed onsite within two hours. The level of service we provide to our clients is improtant to us and we inspect those areas... so you can concentrate on your business.

Since it is all about you, we welcome your comments and input as to how we can deliver optimum service.

For more about our prices or other information, our contact info is below... 

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     1172 Galbraith Rd. Suite 209  Cincinnati, Ohio 45224

Electronic mail
     General Information:  Cinci.HDI.Home@gmail.com 

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